Soulution / Serie 7 – 725 PRE-AMP

Breathtaking three-dimensional sound quality. Unsurpassed wealth of detail. Incredible punch at low frequencies. Couple that with a remarkable absence of distortion, noise and hum and you have the Soulution 725 preamplifier. Make it the command centre of your high fidelity chain. In tests its sound quality has proved to be second to none.


Power consumption 60 W
Standby consumption <0.5 W
Amplification balanced +9.5…+18.5 dB
unbalanced +3.5…+12.5 dB
Phono +54…+60 dB
Frequency response DC…1 MHz
Slew rate 400 ns
Distortion (THD) <0.0006 %
Signal-to-noise ratio 130 dB
Crosstalk 105 dB
Input impedance balanced 2
unbalanced 47
Phono adjustable
Output impedance balanced 2 Ω
unbalanced 2 Ω
record 100 Ω

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