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8 Classica “Choc” rewards 2016 !

We carry on with our 2016 retrospection with this time, 8 Classica “Choc” rewards ! Here are the winners : Speakers : Magico S7 (February, page…

7 Diapason d’Or rewards in 2016 !

2016 has been a very eventful year for Sound & Colors / GT-Audio with 7 Diapason d’Or rewards. Here are the winners : Speakers :…

Audioengine HD6 : a true all in one system.

Very good review from theabsolutesound of the new speakers Audioengine HD6 :  (here is the review) Audioengine’s flagship HD6 powered speaker system represents a major…

“Competition, not at this price…” : Ayre KX-5 Twenty

“Competition, not at this price…” : Ayre KX-5 Twenty