Présentation de la marque PENAUDIO

PENAUDIO speakers are designed and built in Finland according to a simple, basic philosophy and beliefs. The first belief is that music is an essential part of life and it is supposed to give us pleasure. This means listening to music, whether at home or in the office should be as easy and smooth as following the notes themselves.

PENAUDIO believes that nothing should change the natural music reproduction. Combined with easy access to music, it can only make us happier and more relaxed. It then enters the realm of “auditional wellbeing” dear to the brand. The founder and designer of PENAUDIO, Sami PENTTILÄ, began playing music at 5 years old and built speakers from the age of 13. Music has always been and continues to be an essential part of his life and well-being.

Strong and distinctive product design is the cornerstone of the PENAUDIO company culture and the achievements born to this. The starting point in the design is that each product from PENAUDIO must bring its own added value, while expressing PENAUDIO’s way of life.

In addition to the originality that distinguishes each production of the brand, the focus is on the functionality and practicality of the products, according to a principle widely used in Scandinavian design.

For Sami PENTTILÄ, “it is easy to create speakers that have a natural sound. You just have to know what a natural sound sounds like.”

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