Soulution / Serie 7 – 746 SACD-PLAYER

Peerless sound. Perfect linearity. Total fidelity. The Soulution 746 delivers the ultimate listening enjoyment, completely free from jitter. Much more than just a CD/SACD player it bridges the gap between the digital and the analogue worlds. No piece of musical information is lost or changed in any way. It’s the nature of sound. As pure as it gets.


Consumption 60 W
Standby consumption <0.5 W
Output impedance balanced 2 Vrms
unbalanced 2 Vrms
Peak output current 1 A
Output impedance balanced 2 Ω
unbalanced 2 Ω
Frequency response DC-100 kHz
Distortion (THD+N) <0.0005 %
Signal to noise ratio (SNR) >140 dB
Crosstalk >130 dB

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