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Elektra is a very sophisticated, over-engineered Full Dual Mono DAC with the latest and most special components used today. Elektra is based on 8 AKM latest generation DAC chips (4/channel) in Dual Mono with Class-A full-discrete output stages. Their digital team consists of highly skilled engineers who have worked years in digital design and in cooperation with their analogue team set one goal : to push the boundaries of what is possible to be achieved in digital reproduction today, with the use of cutting edge technology, very high quality components, no compromises! To create a Digital to Analogue Converter that can perform at the level of all Pilium products.





8xAK4493 in Dual Mono

Digital Inputs

USB, S/PDIF (toslink, bnc, rca), AES/EBU (xlr), Hdmi link (future option)

USB: PCM (16-32bit): 44.1-764KHz , DSD: 64/128/256/512 S/PDIF: PCM (16-24bit) 44.1-192KHz (consumer & professional format supported) HDMI: PCM (16-32bit): 44.1-764KHz, DSD: 64/128/256/512

SE Output Level

1.99Vrms @ 0dB, 100K load

Balanced Output Level

3.97Vrms @ 0dB, 200K load / 3.95Vrms @ 0dB, 10K load

Analogue Output

Full Discrete


-113 dB typical (20Hz-20KHz, 44.1K@0dBFS)


-126 dB (1KHz, 48K@-12dBFS, XLR)

Channel Seperation

>135dB (20Hz-20KHz) @24bit






Touch screen 5.2” LED

Dimensions (WxDxH)

480x490x172 mm

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