Pilium / Ares

Ares was designed to meet much more requirements such as extra low distortion, natural, uncolored and dynamic sonic characteristics and the ability to drive even the most demanding power amplifiers that may ever exist.
It’s quad-mono, true balanced designed ensures ultimate channel separation and its sophisticated volume control design ensures minimal signal path components (only one resistor !). All of the above, combined with zero-loss design techniques, excessive voicing, and cost-no-object parts/materials, classify Ares to be a state of the art machine of its kind.
In the Divine line, Ares got updated with a few minor upgrades in cabling-power supply and with a very neat interactive touch screen, where every operation in the preamp is done via it’s elegant control panel. Also the touch screen has the ability to change screen colours in order to match user’s personal taste.





Full balanced


3 pairs XLR, 2 pairs RCA


2 pairs XLR (standard and P-LINK)

Voltage gain


Output Impedance

< 10 Ohm


170x480x490mm (HxWxD)




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