Constellation Audio / Performance series – Virgo


Line Stage Gain Module
The core of Constellation Audio preamps is a fully balanced preamplification module built from two mirror-imaged amplifiers. One half of the circuit amplifies the positive half of the signal and the other amplifies the negative half. Painstaking circuit design and construction achieves an essentially perfect balance between positive and negative halves of the signal.

Fully complementary audio circuitry
Complementary balanced circuitry in the Line Stage Gain Module cancels interference and allows the Virgo to achieve vanishingly low noise with exceptional slew rate and frequency response. Thanks to this design, the Virgo achieves an extremely high 000 kHz bandwidth, for incredible sonic detail and depth.

Mechanically isolated circuit board
Audio and control circuits are mounted on a metal “raft.” The raft floats on an elastomeric suspension to prevent outside vibration from disturbing the Virgo’s precision circuitry. Its metal construction isolates the audio circuits from the control circuits to prevent interference.

Solid aluminium chassis for maximum shielding
Built from solid aluminium machined to a thickness of 8.2mm—the dimension required to block 50/60 Hz electromagnetic
interference from household wiring and appliances—the Virgo’s chassis provides a safe haven for the sensitive audio circuits within.

Constellation Link balanced interface
Owners of Constellation Audio amplifiers can use the Virgo’s Constellation Link interface, which transmits a perfectly balanced audio signal from the Virgo’s gain stage straight into the power amplifier. The Constellation Link bypasses the input modules of our Hercules and Centaurus amplifiers, thus reducing the number of gain stages in the signal chain.

Separate power supply
To reduce interference to insignificance, the Virgo’s power supply is housed in an entirely separate chassis, connected to the preamp using high-quality Hypertronics cables. The enclosure holds two separate supplies: an R-core transformer coupled to a linear supply circuit to feed pure power to the preamp, and another supply to power the control circuits.

Advanced front-panel control system
With a 432 x 230-pixel screen, five control buttons and two control knobs, the front panel provides complete access to all of the Virgo’s advanced features, such as input renaming and gain presetting for each input.

Machined aluminium remote control
The remote control supplied with the Virgo befits the preamp’s gorgeous industrial design. Its machined aluminium body and backlit buttons provide a gratifying feel and reliable operation.


Inputs 4 XLR stereo, 4 RCA stereo
Outputs 2 XLR stereo, 2 RCA stereo
THD+N (RI >10 K Ω) <0.001%, 20 Hz – 20 kHz @ 2V out

<0.1%, 20 Hz – 20 kHz @ 10V out

Frequency response 10 Hz to 200 kHz, ±0.5 dB
Output noise ≤ 20 µV dB, 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Input impedance (balanced) 200 KΩ
Input impedance (unbalanced) 100 KΩ
Output impedance < 50Ω
Volume control resolution 0.5dB from 0dB to -90 dBFS
Weight, preamp 35 lbs/16 kg
Weight, power supply 22 lbs/10 kg
Dimensions, preamp 5.50 x 17.00 x 15.75 in (hwd)

140 x 432 x 400mm (hwd)

Dimensions, power supply 5.00 x 6.00 x 14.50 in (hwd)

127 x 152 x 368mm (hwd)

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