PENAUDIO / Charisma

Charisma is the ultimate monitor, many times described as the perfect compromise, offering something for every need. It is a high-end speaker and an elegant piece of design. Whether you see, touch or hear Charisma, it shines with detail, throws life-like images and sings with pleasure. Disappearing into the room, visually and sonically, it surprises listeners each and every time by handling what ever type of music is played.

2-way, stand mounted, reflex loaded
Drive units
22 mm textile dome tweeter (Wavecor),
120 mm midrange/bass (Seas Excel) with heavy copper rings above and below pole piece
4500 Hz
Frequency range
anechoic response ±3 dB 48-26000 Hz,
in room response 50-25000 Hz
85 dB/1 m/2.83 V
Nominal impedance
8 ohms
Recommended amplifier
>30 W
Dimensions (WxHxD)
140 x 250 x 312 mm
5.6 kg
Seas excel drivers, WBT 0780 pole screws, polypropylene capacitors, air-core inductors, aluminium reflex pipe, custom made finnish birch plywood 22 mm / 16 mm solid plywood cabinet

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