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The Oladra integrates Server, Player and Reclocker functions in a single and beautifully elegant chassis. The Oladra uses their latest power supply and computing platforms to deliver the best sound quality in our music server range.

The power supply is a radical new innovation that removes all linear elements and uses three layers of switched mode regulation stages employing state-of-the-art active filter stages. This approach avoids the magnetic and electronic interference that comes with using power transformers, achieves lower noise and higher transient response than any linear power supply can achieve, and results in a much cleaner and accurate square wave output to your DAC. The cascaded regulation approach is used to optimise the power supply characteristics for each active element, and results in greater ease, flow and naturalness of the music.




USB Audio 2.0 Output

PCM to 32 bit/768kHz / DoP to DSD256 / Native DSD to DSD512

S/PDIF Output on RCA & BNC

PCM to 24bit/192kHz / DoP to DSD64

AES3 Output on XLR

PCM to 24bit/192kHz / DoP to DSD64

I2S Output on HDMI & RJ45

PCM to 32bit/384kHz / DoP to DSD256 / Native DSD to DSD512

User installable storage

3Bay SSD Slide-In – Up to 24TB

Hardware Modules

V7H / V7X / R2i

Dimensions (W x D x H)

445 x 370 x 80 mm


21 kg

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