Ayre / Série 7 AX-7e

AX-7e : integrated amp

-zero-feedback, fully-balanced circuitry
-66 step volume control, each of 1.0 dB
-Four inputs: two balanced, two single-ended
-Eight high-curent output devices per channel
-Proprietary volume control with FET switches & metal film resistors
-Control microprocessor is turned off except when executing a command
-Input selector also switches ground connection, so that all source components are completely disconnected except for the one selected.
-Optional metal remote features beautifully finished milled aluminum with five lighted buttons. For the ultimate in luxury and feel when controlling the AX-7.
Power Output 

60 watts per channel continuous into 8 ohms
120 watts per channel continuous into 4 ohms

Frequency Response 
2Hz – 200 kHz

Input Impedance 
20 Kohm (per phase)

Power Consumption 
20 watts in standby mode
70 watts in operating mode, no signal

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