Crystal Cable / Dreamline Plus

Crystal Cable cables are all based on the same design philosophy: a thin core of high purity, wrapped in an even thinner dielectric built from high tech materials like Kapton and Peek and packed in a braided shield and a transparent Teflon jacket. It provides extremely constant electrical behavior and among the best shielding in the industry. This was further improved by using a twisted pair, as we do in the top models of the Diamond series. A next improvement could only be made if the conductors could be further improved. The purity of the conductor is key to a low micro-distortion and the Diamond series use a very pure silver/gold material. Only through extensive research Crystal Cable’s engineers managed to develop an even higher grade metallurgy formulation for a new silver/gold conductor. This conductor, used for the Dreamline cables, offers even lower micro-distortion. The cable was further tweaked by braiding gold wires through the silver shield. These braids are clearly visible through the translucent outermost Teflon jacket on all Dreamline cables, save the Fire and USB models.

Dreamline cables are available as Interconnects, Speaker, Power, Digit, Fire and USB cables and the following connectors: Crystal Cable-WBT custom-made Nextgen RCA, XLR, Mini Jack, Phono, Rhodium plated Spades & Bananas, Power EUR/US/UK

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