/ Serenade Signature

Serenade was Penaudio’s first Stereophile Class A recommended speaker. It reflected “trickle up” technology. We learned a lot about drivers, cabinets, and cross overs when we created Charisma, a magical and seducing monitor, and its supporting base, the Chara woofer. Charisma-Chara played pure music. It became a foundation for thinking, planning, and growing. Serenade took all that we had learned from integrating a monitor with a woofer and put it into one cabinet. We kept Charisma’s liquid, captivating midrange driver and extended the top with a new tweeter and a fast, long throw woofer on the bottom. Serenade came to life and became a legacy.

Ten years later, we have continued to work with new drivers and cross overs seeking to recreate the seduction and magic of Charisma-Chara and the full range, dynamics, and musicality of Serenade. Once again we looked at our monitors, this time Cenya Signature – the ideal integration of a two drivers – for ideas.

Serenade Signature evolved from our love of monitors and music. It is a speaker that plays music and has no boundaries set by its cabinet or components. It seduces and engulf you even more then Serenade. Fast, tight, accurate, powerful bass. An open, three dimensional mid-range and nothing but sweetness from our Seas Crescendo tweeter.

With each note distinct and singing, Serenade Signature represents our founding principal of auditional wellbeing. It is a new speaker worthy of its lineage and industry recognition. Serenade Signature is a new legacy.


Available in :

Oak Loft, Black Ash, White Ash, Walnut, Karelian Birch




Type :

3-way, reflex loaded, floorstander

Drive units :

29 mm textile, ferrofluid cooled dome tweeter, hexadym magnet system (Seas Crescendo)
1 x 145 mm midrange, copper rings above and below T shaped pole piece, radial reinforced rubber surround (Seas Excel)
2 x 145 mm woofer, copper rings above and below T shaped pole piece, radial reinforced rubber surround (Seas Excel)

Cross-over :

180, 4000 Hz

Frequency range in room response :

32 – 30000 Hz

Sensitivity :

87 dB

Nominal impedance :

4 Ohms

Recommended amplifier :

>40 W

Dimensions (WxHxD) :

165 x 1086 x 350 mm
165 x 1086 x 366 mm (with frame)

Bottom plate size :

245 x 385 mm

Weight :

27 kg

Specialities :

Seas Excel drivers, WBT Nextgen 0705 AG, polypropylene capacitors, air core inductors, aluminium reflex pipes, Finnish Plywood 18 mm and Sandwich Veneer 1,5 mm + MDF 16 mm + Plywood 5 mm (High Gloss Version MDF 25 mm and MDF 18 mm) cabinet