/ 6.6CX

Penaudio 6.6 CX introduced in 2019. Penaudio turned 20 years that year. So, what would be more exciting than present model that honor the first Penaudio product 7.6 CX. We made the totally new loudspeaker but it honors first models outlooks and coaxial midrange/tweeter system.

6.6 CX is relatively small stand mounted speaker that actually sounds extremely well almost everywhere: in shelf, close to the wall, even not symmetric set-up. By the aid of its latest SEAS driver technology and designer Sami Penttila’s tuning method it creates extremely wide and deep soundstage and even its 4,5” midrange/woofer it won’t be ashamed of its bass response.

Thoroughly tuned crossovers are distinguished by well-designed circuitry and use high-end components, including polypropylene capacitors, high-performance air-core inductors and film resistors. These circuits fed from a pair of quality-made Special High End terminal, gold plated copper, carbon shell.

Available in White Satin or Black Satin colors, rigid cabinet of this speakers features smart combination of damping materials and delivers exceptionally neutral and natural sound free of resonances or coloration. This speaker outperforms most of the products in its price range currently found on the market.


Available in :

Oak Loft, Black Ash, White Ash, Karelian Birch, Black Satin, White Satin




Type :

2-way, standmounter, reflex loaded

Drive units :

Coaxial SEAS driver with 1” textile dome tweeter and 4,5” aluminum cone midrange/woofer

Cross-over :

3800 Hz

Frequency response :

50 – 25000 Hz (+/-3 dB)

Sensitivity :

83 dB (2,83 V/1 m)

Nominal impedance :

4 Ohms

Dimensions (WxHxD) :

140 x 280 x 280 mm
140 x 280 x 296 mm (with frame)

Weight :

6,5 kg

Specialities :

Extra rigid cabinet, hand wired crossover, Special High End terminal, gold plated copper, carbon shell, magnet grill.