Crystal Cable / Standard Diamond

The Standard Diamond is equal to the Piccolo and the Micro with the exception of the thickness: 1.9 mm for the interconnect. It has a solid silver-gold core, helically wound in two thin layers of Kapton insulation, covered in a silver screen and a transparent Teflon jacket. Using more core material further lowers micro-distortion. The construction does not only look attractive, it also gives optimum electrical behavior and close to perfect shielding. Using more core material increases the resolution and stereo imaging. The Standard Diamond cable is flexible, elegant and and easy to work with. The proprietary silver/gold alloy has extremely low micro-distortion. Every Crystal Cable comes with a laser engraved serial number and a certificate of authenticity.

Available cable types are: Interconnect, Speaker and Power cables.

Available connectors are: RCA, Mini Jack, Phono, Spade, Banana and Mains EUR/US/UK.

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