PENAUDIO / Sinfonietta

The quest for finding a speaker that replicates what one hears in a live performance has moved to closer and may have ended. Sinfonietta, evolving from the original work on Cenya – speaker some refer to as the near perfect monitor -is here and now. Art and science come together bringing listening into a new dimension. The speakers preserve the presence, depth and intimacy of live performance in a cabinet that evokes simplicity and style. Sinfonietta conveys all of the Penaudio signatures and proves that you can get balanced and natural sound from a “square” design. Sinfonietta brings balance to the discriminating listener.

Musical. Elegant. Effortless. Sinfonietta – the joy of listening.


Type: 3,5-way, reflex loaded, floorstander
Drive units: 29mm textile, ferrofluid cooled dome tweeter, with hexadym magnet system (Crescendo), 2x 160mm magnesium coned midrange/woofer, copper rings above and below T-shaped pole piece, radial reinforced rubber surround, 260mm paper coned woofer, 4 layer voice coil
Cross-over: 85Hz, 200Hz, 4500Hz
Frequency range: anechoic response +-3dB 30-30000Hz,
in room response: 20-25000Hz
Sensitivity: 86dB/1m/2.83V
Nominal impedance8 ohms
Recommended amplifier: +50W
Dimensions (w x h x d): (180 x 1130 x 540)mm
Weight: 50kg (110 lbs)
Extra: Seas custom/excel drivers, WBT-0702.12 pole screws, polypropylene capacitors, air-core inductors, aluminium reflex pipes, custom made finnish birch plywood 19mm / 22mm Mdf cabinet

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