Soulution / Serie 7 – 751 MM/MC

Complete silence inside. No alternating current. No transformers. No stray fields. Perfect conditions for the multi-stage, low noise amplifier to perform at its absolute best. The height of achievement in phono amplification. An audiophile’s dream that until now had simply not been realized. Now analogue records really can sound their best. Their most captivating ever.


Consumption 19 W
Standby consumption <0.5 W
Amplification +54/+60 dB
Amplification bandwidth Bdw=High DC – 1 MHz
Bdw=Low DC – 200 MHz
Output voltage balanced 7 Vrms
unbalanced 3.5 Vrms
Peak output current 0.2 A
Output impedance balanced 10 Ω
unbalanced 10 Ω
Frequency response DC-100 kHz
Slew rate 400 ns
Distortion (THD+N) <0.006 %
Signal to noise ratio (SNR) >100 dB
Crosstalk > 60 dB
Input impedance adjustable
Dimensions (width × depth × height) 480×450×117 mm
Weight ca. 17 kg

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