PENAUDIO / Rebel Four

Rebel Four stand out with the broadest frequency range in their series, while size and definition of their woofers may yield only to the top models. Bass is reproduced beginning with 30 Hz and empowered with a narrow reflex canal located in the bottom of the rear panel.

Mid-range drivers nest in their own chambers which are also reflex tuned, with ports. This is one of the modern trends in Hi-End acoustics that prevents from losing dynamics in mid-range channel. High quality first-order filters allow leaving virtually whole mid-range spectrum for its dedicated drivers.

Rebel Four have massive enclosures with modern finishing. This is also the first three-channel model by Penaudio that has its woofers on its front side, what simplifies room positioning.

The speakers embody the original Sami Penttilä’s sound traditions and would surely delight those who sympathize the Finnish brand. Their character is best heard in reproducing calm music, but they would still be great with any genre. The soft, almost milky sound of Rebel Four invokes images of fog, floating above the lakes in moss-grown northern forests.

3-way, floorstander, reflex loaded
Drive units
146 mm midrange,
220 mm woofer
200, 4400 Hz
Frequency range
30-26 000
88 dB
Nominal impedance
8 ohms
Dimensions (WxHxD)
240 x 1000 x 310 mm

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