Kharma / Exquisite Midi

Exquisite Midi: Specifications

System Features

The elegant massive cabinet of the Exquisite Midi is made of high pressure laminate in a multi-layer construction. The cabinet is a piece of art in every way, from the use of perfect materials to construction and finish, all are exceptional.

Inside this cabinet the beating heart of this loudspeaker, the crossover, controls the musicality of the Exquisite Midi. Therefore the crossover can be seen as an orchestra conductor, which will turn the information received through the loudspeaker cable into a musical spectacle as if it was read from a music sheet. Hence both the orchestra conductor and the crossover will have to lead the group of musician or drivers respectively to a musical piece of art.

Kharma has mastered the art of retaining musical wholeness with the proprietary crossover technique used in the Exquisite Midi. This technique is seldom used by other manufacturers because of its complexity. This results in the Kharma crossover where simply is no gap in information.


The musicality you may expect from the Exquisite Midi is for an important part created by the drivers, which can be seen as the engine of the loudspeaker. The quality of the driver is therefore crucial to compete with reality.

Without a doubt the quality of the driver is guaranteed by using a Diamond tweeter as a standard in the Exquisite Collection. This high-frequency driver is a true technological wonder. The tweeter has a diamond cone which have been realised by the so called CVD process. With this process incredible stiffness is reached with a minimum of thickness of only 50 µm. Notice a human hair is in the range of 17 to 180 µm. The cone is the most essential part of the tweeter and because this cone is made of Diamond the tweeter is capable to create impressively pure high frequencies.

High frequencies: 1 x 1-inch Diamond concave tweeter
Mid frequencies: 1 x 7-inch Omega 7 driver
Low frequencies: 2 x 8-inch Nomex-Kevlar driver


Technical specs

The uncompromised design of the Exquisite Midi has resulted in impressive technical specifications. This is especially stressed by the wide frequency spectrum the loudspeaker can produce. In this way this loudspeaker can create an ultra high-end sound.

Type: EXQ-MD-1.1
System: 4-way
RMS Power: 250 Watt
Program power: 500 Watt
Frequency range: 23 Hz – 90 kHz
Nominal Impedence: 4 Ohm
Efficience 2,83V / 1m: 90 dB
Maximum SPL: 113 dB



Although the Exquisite Midi is designed for a smaller space, it produces the same sound quality as the Exquisite Classique. For this reason the physical dimensions of the Exquisite Midi are more modest than those of the Exquisite Classique.

Including Stand:
Width: 390 mm / 15.35 inch
Height: 1013 mm / 39.88 inch
Depth: 647 mm / 25.47 inch
Excluding stand:
Width: 300 mm / 11.81 inch
Height: 950 mm / 37.40 inch

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